Friday, December 26, 2014

Only 41 Million More To Go

Ticket holders outside the cinema where "The Interview" is playing
Sony would like to thank those who turned out on a Christmas night. Sure most people had family events to attend that involved dull things like eating festive foods and drinking to excess, but for those with nothing better to do than see a film, Sony thanks you.

In an opening that received more buzz and hype than any publicity agent could have concocted, "The Interview" made one million dollars in its debut. Limited debut, that is. After all the threats, most theatres chose not to show the film out of fear that one of Kim Jong Un's minions would detonate a bomb or otherwise engage in mass slaughter.

A plot line that involves the assassination of North Korea's Dear Leader was bound to irritate someone, such as the Dear Leader, but Sony never expected things to go quite as far as they did. When the scheduled release turned into a run for cover and movie theatres cancelled plans, Sony was looking at a very serious problem that seemed to be resulting in a very, very large loss. But then all the chatter became something of a cause, and the buzz became self-generating and interest in the film grew by the hour. 

A few select locations defied danger and openend their doors, welcoming the paying customers.

Sony appreciates their bravery. Like noble samurai, those owners, risking all for the sake of a principle. No one tells an American what to watch or not watch, or decides what movies are playing on the screen.

Not to appear ungrateful, but this particular film costs $42 million to make, and getting back $1 million of that investment is grand. However. To at least break even would be so much better.

Keep up the stubborn refusal to be cowed, America, and pay no attention to the less than stellar reviews. It will only take another 41 nights to reach the golden ideal of the break-even point. DVD sales and overseas showings would be pure profit, a state highly prized by the executives of Sony.

Fight for freedom of speech!

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