Wednesday, August 27, 2014

About The Burning Of Washington

The 200th anniversary of the British burning of Washington, in retaliation for the Yanks burning the city of York up in Canada, went off with a rather large bang. The Brits caught hell for putting burning sparklers on an edible replica of the White House, but ruffled feathers have been smoothed and it is time to ponder that long ago time of world war and unrest and economic pressures unknown today.

Katie Hanrahan's upcoming novel, THE SECOND WAR OF REBELLION, is set in that tumultuous time.

You will have to wait unitl November to obtain a copy, but you can read the opening pages now.

You can even pre-order the book from Newcastlewest Books if you like. You can order any of our titles via links on our website, for that matter.

There will be books given away, and those clever enough to ask for a free copy just might receive a free copy. We are always open to early reviewers' requests.

Two hundred years after the fact, why not jump back into that time, when the fledgling United States was a weak and disjointed cluster of territories that did not command an ounce of respect from the world's powers.

It was a fascinating time, a time that shaped a nation and altered the face of the globe. The U.S. Navy flexed its puny muscles back then, and little Madeleine Beauchamp did a fair bit of flexing herself, the American orphan who fought to remain a true American patriot while her new British family battled to rein in her spirit.

The novel is a work of historical fiction with a strong element of romance, the sort of book you'll want to read during the upcoming holiday season. It will make a perfect Christmas present for a special someone who enjoys a good book with a strong female protagonist.

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