Friday, June 06, 2014

The Friendly Divorce

Mergers are useful in that the companies joined together in holy alliance can cut some costs. If you're of the costs being cut, it's not of any use to you, but for a bottom line, it's grand to join accounting and marketing and secretarial services into a single, more efficient unit.

Bottom lines, of course, have no relationship issues to spoil the fun. For the real people living with a merged entity, things may not always work out. Indeed, the pairing may have lost its charm once the honeymoon period ended and living together devolved into cold reality.

Was it a friendly divorce, do you think, when Paige Wheeler split from Folio Literary Management and went back to the place she started at Creative Media?

Did she fling verbal abuse at colleague Scott Hoffman who convinced her to align with him in the first place? Were there screaming matches in the hallways at 630 9th Avenue? Did the wee little ones run for cover and scurry into the safety of their offices when the firm's founders were having at it?

Perhaps it was a comfortable parting of the ways, with Ms. Wheeler deciding that Folio had grown too big and she was no longer comfortable in its ethos. It's not you, she might have said to Mr. Hoffman, it's me. We've grown apart, with all these agents added to the little venture we created when we merged.

Ms. Wheeler has left Folio and gone back to her roots, leaving a growing agency for the comfort of a place so small that it's just her in the agent's seat. She has Molly Jaffa and Jita Fumich along to manage digital and foreign rights, but they are still listed in Folio's stable of agents. Who gets the friends in the divorce, right? Or are some of the younger ones trying to navigate between the two former partners?

Now that she's single again, Ms. Wheeler may be feeling a bit lonely. You might bring her some cheer with a fresh query, the opening line in a courtship that would unite writer and agent in a prosperous partnership.

Act quickly, and you could catch her on the rebound.

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