Saturday, June 07, 2014

125 Years Ago On This Day In Chicago

It has been 125 years since Daniel Coughlin fell under suspicion for the murder of Patrick Cronin, a murder that is unsolved to this day.

The newspapers were plastered with lurid headlines from the inquest into the death, each one trying to out-sensationalize the other in a mad bid to acquire the most readers and sell the most copies. Fair and balanced? Not in 1889.

To commemorate the events of that long ago era, when Chicago's Irish were despised and faced blatant discrimination, Newcastlewest Books is offering THE KING OF THE IRISH for free at Smashwords. Don't have a Smashwords account? Please sign up. There is no charge, and well worth joining for the variety of ebooks available.

Download a free copy today and journey back to the Chicago of 125 years ago, when juries could be packed and justice was not to be had by those who were Irish and Catholic.

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