Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Drunken Sots Of Galway

Those who ride the train from Galway to Dublin are officially recognized as unrepentant drunks.

Iarnrod Eireann has spoken, in a very blatant manner. If I was from Galway, I'd be taking offense at the grave insult.
Teatotaler Express

The rail authority has instituted a ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Galway to Dublin run. What's telling about the typical Galway rider is the fact that the train in question leaves Galway at one in the afternoon. How many people have a heavy feed of drink on them at lunchtime? Apparently, the people of Galway. Hence, the ban on further intoxication.

After fielding complaints from riders about the anti-social behavior of some people, Irish Rail had to act and the easiest thing to do was to tell the catering company to stop selling beers, ciders and tasty Irish whiskeys. Galway residents apparently were unable to help themselves, being a clutch of raging alcoholics, and were drinking up the stock until they became thoroughly obnoxious.

Imagine being trapped on an intercity train with a group of pissed lads heading to Dublin, trying to pick fights and arguing over football or rugby. It's not like you could get off at the next stop and wait for another train. You'd complain, and loudly. And you'd expect Irish Rail to do something about the problem.

From now on, Galway residents will have to get roaring drunk before boarding, knowing that there will be no topping off allowed once they've taken their seat.

By the time they reach their destination, they should be relatively sober and better able to navigate the winding roads of Dublin town, no doubt in a search for the nearest pub.

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