Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Big Day Coming

You might have glanced at the calendar recently, or even gone so far as to give yourself a reminder.

Friday is a big day. This Friday, two days hence, is the day on which you can begin entering the free giveaway at Goodreads.

The one linked just to the right over there --------->

Right, yes, it's also Valentine's Day and there is no better gift for your significant other than a bid on a copy of Katie Hanrahan's third novel, one that will arrive well before the book is available to the general public.

Not sure if a novel about a relationship set in the tumultuous years of the American Revolution would suit? There is a strong romantic element in this particular bit of historical fiction.

The book tells the story of American partisan Sarah Mahon and the man she would marry, if forces beyond her control had not interfered. Her intended, Jack Ashford, fights for England while harboring a secret desire to leave his homeland behind and settle down in South Carolina. Politics keep them apart, while determination keeps them together in a bond that frays but never quite breaks.

You can read the opening pages here.

You can pre-order the e-book here.

What do you have to lose? Go on. Take a chance on the free book, a lovely trade paperback that will be available when you'll most need a happy distraction. On that other big day. The one where you have to be sure to have paid the tax on your hard-earned income.

It's appropriate, isn't it, to go back to a time when taxation without representation had people so enraged that they took up arms and ended up creating a brand new style of government.

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