Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Mystery Of The Property Developer

A business deal might go bad, and leave a person deep in debt.

There could be a bit of criminal mischief done in an attempt to make a big score, but things don't work out as planned and there you are, facing jail time and all the humliation that follows.

There are countless reasons for a successful man to go on the run, whether he is attempting to escape creditors or a mistress or his personal demons.

No one knows why Kevin McGeever went missing in June.

By all accounts, he prospered as a developer in Dubai, opening up shop when the government allowed non-natives to own land. He founded KMM International, based in Dubai, but like so many other Irish land ventures, it did not last.

Whether or not the firm was completely legitimate is surely going to figure in to the ongoing saga of Kevin Michael McGeever.

After not being seen nor heard for eight months, Mr. McGeever was found on the side of the road in Lietrim. He was more than disheveled, and not a little disoriented. A large plastic bag covered his clothes, and he was without shoes.

To add to the bizarre scene, he had with him a torch and a mobile phone.

By all accounts, he was dumped out of a van by some unknown persons, abandoned like some unwanted dog. He was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration, and was promptly taken to a nearby hospital.

Gardai plan to inverview him, as you'd expect, but they are waiting until Mr. McGeever is restored to some semblance of health.

Only then will some questions be answered, while much speculation swirls.

Was he kidnapped by some oil-rich Arab sheikh, distressed over investments gone bad? Was the IRA involved, and did it have anything to do with that huge bank robbery in Belfast several years ago, in which not all the money was ever recovered?

Or was Mr. McGreever a victim of his own excess, creating a false scenario as he fled from creditors or the failure of his enterprise? A link to drugs?

There's the makings of a fine little thriller in there for someone looking for an intriguing plot. And don't worry about getting too far off the rails as you flesh out the bones of the story. The truth may very well turn out to be stranger than the fiction that you as a writer might create.

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