Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Creative Writer, Creative Bomb Maker

Morgan Gliedman studied creative writing at the Art Institute of Chicago, an educational institution that doesn't admit just anyone.

She must have shown a flair with words.

Now she's shown a flair with terrorism.

Ms. Gliedman and her baby daddy were arrested after the New York City police raided her flat as part of a credit card theft investigation and came away with explosives and bomb-making materiel.

There's no telling where her vivid imagination would have taken her in creative mayhem if the police had not happened upon the cache of weapons and enough dangerous chemicals to warrant an evacuation of the premises.

She hails from well-to-do stock, as do so many revolutionaries who never had to scrape to get by, and therefore had plenty of time to contemplate Marxist philosophy and the great unfairness of life.

Friends say she's just another drug addict, hooked on heroin, with plenty of family money to fuel her habit...and keep her away so that she doesn't embarrass that family.

What has the police particularly interested in the case is the fact that the baby daddy, Aaron Greene, is a card-carrying member of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He may be the Timothy McVeigh of the ultra-far left, given the arsenal that was found.

Ms. Gliedman's attorney is blaming Mr. Greene for the whole thing, but his arguments have been put on hold.

Not only is Ms. Gliedman a creative writer and junkie, she also is a new mother. Shortly after her arrest, she went into labor and her court date has been pushed forward.

A stint behind bars may be of benefit, what with the lack of readily available heroin to maintain her addiction.

And whether or not it's all Mr. Greene's fault, there is still the little problem of her failure to report the dangerous weapons to the police in a timely manner. Aiding and abetting is a bit of a crime in itself, although chances are, she won't see hard time while the New York foster care system takes charge of her newborn infant.

Offspring of prominent New York City doctors and realtors are represented by high-powered attorneys who charge more than the oppressed masses can hope to afford. Carefully crafted argument will see Ms. Gliedman in an expensive rehab center somewhere, while her significant other does a stint in a private mental hospital for a round of rehabra-cadabra.

The rich are different than you and me, aren't they? They rail about the gross unfairness of the capitalist system, but when they get themselves into trouble, they don't cry about the unfairness of the penal system that is fueled by the ability to buy one's way out of it.

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