Thursday, April 15, 2010

Next Time Take The Ferry

If you're expecting someone to arrive at Dublin Airport from England, they won't be coming.

Due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland, all flights have been cancelled. The ash cloud has drifted towards England. As if Iceland hasn't caused enough trouble in the economic world, with their massive bank failure. Now they're disrupting air traffic.

All flights both in and out of Ireland and England are grounded until the ash passes over or drops out of the sky. Not only can you not leave for your sun holiday in the south of France, but you'll have to clean up all that ash that's going to drift in through the windows and sprinkle the holly bushes.

Affected passengers are entitled to a full refund, but what about the inconvenience? It's time to file a lawsuit against Iceland, for failing to properly regulate their volcano. The airlines will be happy to join in such legal action. They're required to foot the bill for meals and hotel accomodations, to see to the comfort of those who had booked flights that are ashed out.

On the bright side, the sunsets will be spectacularly colorful for a time, until the ash settles out of the atmosphere. Something to enjoy while you're stranded at the airport, waiting for the first available flight.

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