Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't Come Around Here No More

The rejection was short and to the point.

According to Evan Goldfried at Jill Grinberg's literary management firm, they're not looking for whatever genre I'm selling.

No mention of the genre in the rejection, however. A rather generic rejection at that, one size fits many in case there's more than one genre that's been cast off. In my case, the genre in which I write falls into that particular category.

If you write historical fiction, you've been advised. Don't waste agency time and don't query Ms. Grinberg. She's not interested.

What other genres has she abandoned?

Hard to say. You can hope that someone at the agency has updated their preferences at, which will save a few headaches.

I won't be coming around Ms. Grinberg's inbox any time soon. I know where I'm not wanted.

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