Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Coming In December

Available 8 December 2015
Newcastlewest Books is excited to introduce debut author Sean Gleason, a brilliant writer with a gift for wry humour and witty prose.

His first novel will be published on 8 December, and it will make the perfect holiday gift for your fiction-loving relations. As the lay-down date approaches you'll find the book listed at all your favorite online bookshops, but for now you can sample a little of the story here. You can pre-order a digital copy, with hard copy pre-orders to come soon.

SAINTS OF THE NEW IRISH KITCHEN will feel like a romantic comedy, but in this case, the romance is between a woman and a restaurant. The story of the driven chef Martie Smurfit plays out against a backdrop of financial difficulties coupled with a bit of underhanded subterfuge as she manipulates an unaware building contractor into making her a full partner in the restaurant that has brought him to the brink of bankruptcy. All is on track until a man from her past shows up and threatens to expose her many secrets, any one of which could get her fired.

Martie's biggest secret is her sexual orientation, a very timely subject these days. Indeed, history is currently being made in regard to equality, and Sean handles the topic with a deft touch. Like any good rom-com, Martie's quest for secrecy leads to unintended consequences that threaten to upend her plans. An Irish gangster turns up, using her business partner to launder stolen bank notes, and when she steps in without thinking things through, the fun really starts.

Fans of Marian Keyes' style will enjoy SAINTS OF THE NEW IRISH KITCHEN, as will anyone looking for a page-turning story that will make the reader laugh out loud.

So go download the sample, and get ready for a pleasant read on a winter's weekend.

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