Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Trouble With Nobel Scientists Being Unattractive To Girls

Sir Tim Hunt has gone and resigned from his post as a university professor. He's won a Nobel Prize for his scientific work, but he's without a brain when it comes to women. He expressed his opinion about ladies working in the sciences and came under fire that he never expected.

Not so very smart, his quip.

The trouble with girls in the laboratory, he told an assembly in South Korea, is that you criticize them and they burst into tears. So emotional. It's those blasted emotional entanglements that make it so difficult to work with them because science is pure and science has no emotion.
I am studying why girls are not attracted to me and I find the problem lies with the girls

He thought he was being funny.

Of course he wasn't funny. He's a Nobel Prize winning scientist. He doesn't know how to be funny to the wider world because he is a complete and total geek.

Can we not give the poor man a little understanding?

He is socially inept, that's all. He should be treated as one would treat any slightly anti-social being who is extremely intelligent but otherwise stupid. Ignore the stupidity. Put him someplace where he can't annoy normal people and let him do his research, surfacing occasionally with some major breakthrough before retreating to his lair.

That is the problem with our modern society. No one studies the sciences much anymore. So they don't know how bizarre the average scientific genius can be.

Sure they might have heard tales of some brilliant type who cannot remember to bathe with any regularity. But they have not shared time with such a creature, and are unaware that such people tend to make ridiculous comments that they think are hysterically funny but are not the least bit humourous.

Would someone call out an autistic individual for their inability to interact with others?

Sir Tim's girl trouble probably started when he was in university, trying to attract the attention of some pretty co-ed and failing miserably. How could they not be drawn to him, he wondered, with his capacious brain power? He could flex with the best of them in a contest of smarts. Through careful observation he deduced that emotion was at fault, and he noted that the fault resided with the women. It clouded their judgment and rendered him undesirable.

All those raging hormones and no opportunity for relief.

Is it any wonder that he's still bitter about it? For all his intelligence he cannot figure out what women want.

It stands to reason that he would lash out at the symptom of his ineptitude. That's easier than tackling the thorny issue of rejection.

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