Thursday, May 07, 2015

A Reason To Master The Irish Language

How did it happen? How did Irish men come to be riding the top of the league tables of sexy men?

The old Carlsberg beer ad might explain some of it. There's something magical about the Irish language. Magical, and nearly impossible to learn after years of schooling, but you might think differently about those lessons now that you stand a chance with the ladies thanks to your Irishness.

The survey says it all. When it comes to dating, American women prefer Irish men.

Sure they're all mad.

Men raised in a country where sex is almost illegal are considered the sexiest? Maybe if you're not considering the actual, physical sex when it comes to being sexy. If it's only a question of appearances, or first impressions, that's another matter.

Your average American single female could very well be swept up in the dark eyes of the swarthy black Irishman. They seem to like Colin Farrell's looks, with all the black hair and black eyes. Some are drawn to the ginger sort, or the fair set with their blue or grey eyes and sandy hair.

Irish men being raised to be afraid of scheming women and sex in general will likely appear rather shy on first meeting, and there's a certain air of vulnerability to a man who stumbles about like his tongue is tied in knots in the presence of a female.

Be aware, men of Ireland. American women are wandering over to to find the sexiest men abroad, and they like their beefcake Irish. They look for company when traveling, and if you can show how Irish you are, they just might approach you and save you the stress of speaking to a pretty girl you haven't known since childhood.

If they hear you speaking Irish to your mates, they'll know you're the one. The sexy nationality, all Colin Farrell-y and Jamie Dornan-esque.

Just don't think you can look like Brendan Gleeson and see the same results. The language will only take you so far.

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