Thursday, February 12, 2015

Start At The Bottom, Give Your Friends A Leg Up

Ann Rittenberg is looking for a literary agency assistant. This could be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

First, you'd have to move to New York City, which isn't entirely a bad thing if you thirst for adventure. Because you wouldn't be making much money, you'd have to find a flat in a more downscale part of town. Plenty of adventure just walking around your new neighborhood!

Ms. Rittenberg would like to find someone who loves reading. Sure your first love is writing, but you know that every good author must also be a voracious reader. Part of your new job will be to read incoming submissions, so how easy would it be to insert your own brilliant prose into a pile? You couldn't submit under your real name, of course, but once a literary agent fell in love with the manuscript, you could come clean.

Or just learn to live with a pseudonym and tell your friends that the new blockbuster is actually your work, but don't tell your boss who is also your agent.

You can answer a phone and take a message. You can shuffle papers with the best of them.

If you aren't ready to publish yet, what about your friends? Why not get their words under an agent's nose? You would gain an ally who would owe their literary career to you, and when it's your turn, well, they'd have a relationship with an editor at a publishing house and they'd be owing you a favor.

Jump on the opportunity now, before someone else edges you out and gets a publishing contract that could have gone to you if you'd shifted a little faster.

Opportunity does not always come knocking. Sometimes you have to go out and find it and then wrestle it into submission.

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