Thursday, October 09, 2014

Patrick Modiano wins Nobel Prize for Literature

You can read the story here but there isn't much to enlighten you about the man who won the Nobel Prize of his writing.

Patrick Modiano wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Ever heard of him? Neither have I.

This is like watching the Academy Awards and realizing that you've not seen one of the movies that are in the running, and have no real interest in seeing them, either.

So Patrick Modiano has a talent for writing "the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation". So says the Nobel committee. What the fuck does that gibberish mean?

I did see Lacombe Lucien and thought it was a brilliant film, but that's a screenplay, isn't it? There were subtitles. I did read something, so maybe that's where the literature came in. Mr. Modiano helped the director write it, but was I misguided in thinking it was more Louis Malle than anyone else? The music was brilliant. I'm a fan of Django Rheinhardt.

According to reports,Patrick Modiano is well known in France, so the French are delighted that he won the Nobel Prize. The rest of the world? It's a collective shrug of the shoulders before moving on to the art of survival in the life-world of an economic recession without end. Some will be curious and seek out Mr. Modiano's books, at least those that are available in English. Other than that, we'll carry on and move towards our ungraspable human destiny. And hope to find a friend to line us up with a publisher, like Patrick Modiano had a break early in his career thanks to a connection in the industry.

That's pretty ungraspable there, isn't it.

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