Saturday, July 26, 2014

Running Out Of Children

How many shootings this weekend in Chicago? The newspapers are keeping a running tab. That's how bad things have gotten in certain parts of Chicago.

Children are being shot and sooner or later there won't be any children left to shoot. Then what will the gangbangers do?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a solution to the problem.

He will bring in more children. Maybe as many as 1,000 illegal immigrants who have been showing up at the southern border with an understanding that they will be allowed to stay.

Chicago, Tegucigalpa, it's all the same
Those who favor the importation of children from Central America like to point out that the unfortunates are fleeing drug gangs and violence. Clearly these kids have plenty of experience, then, and would fit right in to the environment in Englewood and Woodlawn. When they hear the guns going off in Austin, they'll know just what to do.
"While we have our own challenges at home, we cannot turn our backs on children that are fleeing dangerous conditions," the mayor said."

It's like on-the-job training for these future victims of gun violence. The children from Honduras will be more than comfortable in an atmosphere that duplicates the one they know from home. Random gunfire, ricochets, the chance that they could be shot while sitting in a friend's living room....the only difference could be in the language.

Rather than house all 1,000 bodies in a single location, the mayor plans to spread them out in existing residential sites. Again, there is an overabundance of abandoned residential sites in Englewood, Austin, or just about any other drug-infested neighborhood in Chicago. It's just a matter of pulling the boards off the windows, replacing the fixtures that were torn out and sold for scrap long ago, and there you have it. Authorities seeking such parcels are looking for places where the kids can be housed without attracting a great deal of attention (read protestors whose tax money is going to pay for the housing, food, clothing, education, medical care, etc.), and no one goes to the shooting galleries on Chicago's south and west sides unless they have no choice. No protestors would show up there.

1,000 fresh bodies to replace the over 1,000 young people who have been shot this year.

That's one way to re-populate Chicago.

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