Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Living Out Of A Locked Suitcase

Finances being what they are, I rarely spend time in hotel rooms. I certainly don't attend designer trunk shows at trendy boutiques, either, but it never hurts to be prepared for any contingency.

Apparently, if you bring clothing with you on a trip that involves a hotel stay, you just might be putting on a trunk show of your personal wardrobe, and there's no telling who might show an interest in your fashion sense.

Dayanara Fernandez had packed for a wedding, so you would expect her suitcases to hold some elegant, dressy pieces of apparel.

Lingerie, of course, would be fancier than the day-to-day variety. If you're getting dressed up, you're dressing up through and through.

So imagine Ms. Fernandez's surprise when she walked into her room and found a Hyatt Hotel employee in the bathroom, trying on one of her outfits, complete with underwear and shoes.

Shocked? Probably. More like an extreme "eewwwww" moment.

The employee was a he, not a she, and either Ms. Fernandez has big feet or the gentleman in question is on the petite side for males.

Caught in the act, Mr. Hyatt Employee changed back into his own clothes and handed Ms. Fernandez back her garments. Being on the receiving end of your own panties that were just stripped off a strange man's derriere would be enough to send you to the nearest fire, to burn the thing.

The employee was arrested, since it's illegal for workers to act as if a hotel guest was doing a trunk show in their room and all were welcome to try on the fabulous outfits.

As for Ms. Fernandez, she wasn't satisfied with the settlement that the Hyatt chain was offering. Replacing the clothes isn't enough, not when the woman was traumatized by the event. She has filed suit seeking damages for emotional distress.

No word yet from Hyatt, but if their employee looked better in the outfit than Ms. Fernandez did, there's more emotional distress involved than they can handle. Especially if they're facing a female judge who would understand full well just how upset the victim was at the time.

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