Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Change Partners And Dance

I queried Nicole Steen of the Elyse Cheney Literary Agency, but she left.

Whereabouts or future prospects unknown.

On the West Coast, Elizabeth Evans departed from Kimberley Cameron's agency, to shift her allegiance to Jean V. Naggar. Such are the benefits of following agents on Twitter. I discovered this change of venue in a short entry, and I was quick to fire off a query.

Ms. Evans was equally quick to reject it.

I've done my share of querying Michelle Brower, sending my carefully crafted prose to her desk at Wendy Sherman's office and Joelle Delbourgo's place of business. She's done her share of rejecting me.

Like so many others before her, Ms. Brower has traded places. She's now working for Folio Literary Management, and it's safe to assume that she'd be interested in seeing some queries. After all, she'd want to impress her new colleagues and signing up some brilliant authors would fit that bill.

I've sent her a query and now I'll sit back and wait for a response. Or a no response rejection.

Either way, I'll make time in my busy day to work on another manuscript so that I always have a supply of fresh material for fresh queries. Let the agents switch agencies. I'll find them just the same.

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