Monday, November 12, 2012

Film Scouts Take Notice

The post-apocalyptic young adult thriller is all the rage these days, and you'll be needing someplace to film that story set somewhere in the future after the world as we know it has fallen into chaos.

What better place to set that dystopian drama than in the middle of a place that descended into chaos and is the epitome of dystopia?

Architect Merritt Bucholz won an award for the design of Elm Park, situated on prime real estate in Dublin 4.

Quite futuristic, the office buildings and apartment blocks. And all of this modern, forward thinking architecture covers over 14 acres. Plenty of room for a good chase scene, perhaps a little "Hunger Games" dash for the protagonist's life through deserted streets.

Imagine how much could be saved by using existing structures, rather than building an entire set to match the unique style of Elm Park. It's a small town, with streets and everything. No producer in the world could turn down that sort of cost effectiveness.

In spite of the awards, Elm Place could not out-dazzle the crash of the real estate market. The expensive apartments failed to sell, there was no demand for office space, and the project sits unfinished. The few who bought there are stuck, with no one interested in buying their flats.

The architect has proposed some alternative uses for the property, like turning some of the empty land into a farm or a concert venue. Attempts to have a hospital locate to the site have failed.

So the government, which owns the foreclosed project, has considered offering to rent the place to any filmmaker who would like to set his scenes against a backdrop that is unique in all the world.

All it will take is a little imagination.

And isn't that what the magic of Hollywood is all about?

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